Enterprise Linux Security Episode 89 – Debunking Security Myths


There’s a lot for sysadmins to keep track of when it comes to security, so naturally there’s going to be some misconceptions every now and then. In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss some common misconceptions when it comes to security.

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 66 – Job Security


In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss another form of security, job security! Throughout the series, we’ve advised and educated on enhancing the security of your enterprise network, but in this episode the focus is on YOU. Specifically, how to safeguard yourself from turnover, raise awareness of your importance to your organization, and how to navigate potential “awkward” conversations that System Administrators may find themselves having with their boss. Don’t miss this episode!

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 26 – The State of Enterprise Linux Security Management

We talk a lot about patching on this podcast, and the reason for that is because a lot of organizations don’t seem to handle this important aspect of security very well. A recent patching report from the Ponemon institute seems to reflect this, and the stats regarding patching definitely don’t look good. In this episode of Enterprise Linux Security, Jay and Joao discuss some of the findings within this report.


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The situation surrounding Lapsus$ is becoming more and more interesting, and in this episode of Enterprise Linux Security Jay and Joao discuss the latest developments regarding the group that has caused quite a ruckus recently.