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Tag: hardening

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 28 – Second Factor Authentication

Through the course of the podcast so far, Jay and Joao have discussed foundational topics, as well as news and current trends. In this episode, second factor authentication is discussed. This foundational episode will go over what it is, why you should use it, and also some of the things that can potentially weaken its benefit.


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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 27 – People Problems

In the industry, we spend a great deal of time hardening our security, doing our due diligence when it comes to patching, implementing firewalls, avoiding EOL software, as well as many other aspects of our security focus. But unfortunately, even a well thought out implementation of common security controls can be rendered useless if we miss the low hanging fruit – such as training our employees and making sure they understand how serious security is, and how they can help. In this episode, Jay and Joao will discuss that and more.


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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 23 – Busting 5 IT Security Myths

Cyber security is a huge topic, and through the years the industry changes rapidly to keep up with current threats and related challenges. As a result, some of the beliefs and mindsets we’ve adopted in the industry have changed as well. In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss 5 myths in the security industry that either need to be adjusted, or downright debunked.


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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 14 – Recovering from Disasters

Disasters in the world of tech are frustrating for everyone, not just the company that experienced the incident. In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss thoughts around what it actually means to recovery from a disaster, and why it’s typically not a quick process.

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Episode 8 – Trojan Source, & CISA’s Directive

Recently, some interesting security news has occurred, and two specific developments are the main discussion in this episode. Trojan Source is a newly discovered tactic that can be used to hide malicious code and execute something completely unexpected, even when the source code appears to be syntactically correct. In addition, CISA recently mandated a large number of CVE’s to be patched in the very near future, which will likely have ramifications even outside of the United States. Also, Jay and Joao also discuss the recently released Fedora 35, which is a distribution that has a large presence on the workstations that administrators use.

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Episode 7 – ELevate

Remaining on legacy Linux distributions can lead to additional security risks as time goes on, and migrating to a newer and better supported distribution can be a very difficult endeavor for most administrators. In this episode, Jay and Joao are joined by Jack from AlmaLinux, and we talk about ELevate – a tool that can be used to migrate from a distribution in the Enterprise Linux family to another Enterprise Linux distribution. This helps alleviate some of the burden of distro migration, and as a community project it’s also a great project to get started with contributing to an open-source project.

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Episode 5 – The “Attacker” Mindset

We’ve talked about Enterprise Linux Security from the worldview of the system administrator, but what’s it like on the other side? In this episode, Jay and Joao are joined by Atalay Kelestemur, an Ethical Hacker, as we discuss the mindset of the attacker.

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